App: Credit Card Testbed for Windows Phone

This is a Windows Phone 7 application. Download it at

The Concept:

– An application for quality teams testing payment systems.
– The goal is to answer the following questions:
o Which valid card numbers can I use to pass the tests?
o Which invalid card numbers can I use to fail the tests?
o Is this card number valid or invalid in my context?

The Opportunity:

– Windows Phone 7 platform is not yet crowded for developers.

The Potential:

– Generate credit card numbers according to your basic parameters.
– Validate credit card numbers.
– Keep the history of all generations and validations.

– I expect to add the following features in the near future:
o Send history through email.
o Select the card provider.
o Explain what each part of the credit card number mean.
o Generate numbers in bulk.
o Generate a full card holder profile, including name and address.

The Result:


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