App: Morse Translator for Windows Phone

This is a Windows Phone 7/8 application.

The Concept:

  • An application to translate clear text to and from Morse code.
  • The goal is to help you learn Morse code.

The Opportunity:

  • Windows Phone 7/8 platform is not yet crowded for developers.

The Potential:

  • Easily accessible from your smartphone in the field.
  • Keep the history of all generations and validations.
  • I expect to add the following features in the near future:
    • Send history through email.
    • Use Morse sound when translating from clear text to Morse.
    • Use speech when translating from Morse code to clear text.
    • Add some training pages.

The Result:

MorseTranslatorAppTileIcon300x300 MorseTranslatorScreenshot1x MorseTranslatorScreenshot2x MorseTranslatorScreenshot3x MorseTranslatorScreenshot4x MorseTranslatorScreenshot5x MorseTranslatorScreenshot6x

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