Book review: Windows Phone 8 Application Development Essentials

Written by a Software Engineer for Software Engineers

If you are new to Windows Phone 8 developments, this book will give you a quick overview and facilitate your learning curve. Bring your understanding of C# and read this concise book that goes right to the point. No pages are wasted explaining the genesis of Windows Phone or detailing the C# language. Easy to understand and supported by a fully functional piece of code, this book clearly exposes good practices to use in your Windows Phone 8 developments.

The associated code sample (downloaded from Packt Publishing) is well designed, allowing the reader to quickly grasp the concepts explained, like XAML, MVVM light, storage, settings, background agents, notifications, toasts, launchers and choosers. The last chapters also explain how to integrate social media in your application, enabling Facebook and Twitter.

Tomasz Szostak is a Software Engineer writing for Software Engineers. If you don’t have time to waste and want to learn by doing, I highly recommend you read this book and start developing Windows Phone 8 apps today.

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