App: ISS (International Space Station) locator on Sony Concept N

The Concept:

  • Find in real-time where the International Space Station (ISS) is located.

The Opportunity:

  • Sony Concept N is a cool consumer device that users carry around the neck and connects to their mobile phone to exchange information.
  • Sony tested it with software developers in 2017 and may decide to sell it in the future.
  • The ISS is a massive science laboratory in space. Many of the last missions of the Space Shuttle were used to build it.
  • It completes an orbit of earth every 90 minutes, at an average of 240 miles high.
  • It orbits the Earth 16 times per day and its velocity is 17,500 miles-per-hour. That means a trip from Los Angeles to New York takes 9 minutes.

The Potential:

  • Help citizen scientists spot the ISS.
  • Using the user’s natural voice, we ask Concept N to give the current orbital location of the ISS relative to its Earth Coordinates in latitude and longitude.
  • Since these two numbers do not convey much to the general public, and to be more friendly, we also want Concept N to tell what these coordinates correspond to on a map. To do that, we use reverse geo-coding and provide a more meaningful geographic feature name.

The Result:

  • Concept N is very responsive and easy to use. It provides fast answers.
  • ISS Locator won the “Best Use of the Unique Features of Concept N” award – Thanks!
  • See the hackathon page at
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